Tom Kuesel Personal Injury

Until confronted with the situation, few realize the devastating effects a serious accident can have on the life of an injured person and his or her family and friends. The injured person needs a lawyer who is not only willing and able to tackle the insurance companies, but who also has the compassion to guide the client through what can be a daunting process. Many lawyers take personal injury cases simply because they can result in significant fees, only to cave in to the demands of the insurance companies when push comes to shove. Mr. Kuesel is not one of these lawyers. Mr. Kuesel is one of the few lawyers in Northern Minnesota to actually take his clients’ cases to trial if the settlement offered by the insurance company is not acceptable. For example, Mr. Kuesel once obtained a $156,000.00 verdict for a personal injury client when the insurance company was only offering $2,500.00! Hiring a lawyer who is willing to “go the distance” is absolutely essential, because the insurance companies certainly know who will and who won’t. Mr. Kuesel has successfully handled car accident cases, homeowner’s insurance claims, and medical and pharmaceutical malpractice cases.